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When adding a news website you need to specify the title of article.

SEO URL field is not required because it will automatically generate the SEO URL from the title. You can specify as custom url or you can leave it blank, then the text will be generated from the title of the article or from the article subject.

Date filed sets the date of the news, if mark checked on Current Date then it will automatically insert the current date, with the server current time, or you can remove this check, and enter the date yourself using the handy calendar by clicking on the icon next to the field. If you specify a future date has not occurred, the news will be posted at the specified date, as of pre-approval news feature.

You can also choose category that article will be posted in. After that, using the available buttons to insert tags, add news description and full description, and if you created additional fields then you can add the additional data and the information there.
Add News Log in to Admin CP using URL After logged in you can add, edit and delete news, manage users and templates to customize and configure your site, manage pictures, and more

Addnews in Datalife Engine

When adding a news website you need to specify the following details:
  • Title : Input article title, this field is required (Recommend to keep this field under 200 characters)
  • Find related articles : after you input title, you can use this button to search for articles that have similar titles
  • Date : You can specify the date to publish article, you can select Current date and time which will use the current date and time of submit article, or manually select date and time from past or future date and time, this option is useful if you want to publish the article to specific date or publish in future which will automatically added to queue and will be automatically publish when the date has come
  • Published as user : by default this will use your username but you can publish it as any users as you want, however, this user is only available for admin to specify
  • Add to category : Select Category to publish article to, if you allowed submit articles in multiple categories then you can select more than one
  • Article description (or full article) : This field is required, you can add as much information as you want
  • Full article : This field is optional, if you don't add anything then when the article displayed in main full story then it will take all information from "Article description" above
  • Custom Article Fields (XField) (If available) : If you add custom article fields (XFields) then the field(s) will here and they are required or not is up to you specified as required or optional
  • News settings : This area is for admin and users who has permissions to set, the permissions are as followed:
    • Publish news now: This option is to publish article now or later
    • Show article in main page: This option is to publish in main page or not, if selected, the article will be published both main page and inside category, if not select, it will not publish in main page, but will only display within category
    • Allow comments: This option is for allow adding comments or not
    • Disable pages index for search engines: This option is to allow or not allow the article to be added and listed in sitemap
    • Allow ratings: This option is to allow article rating
    • Auto line breaks: This option is to add line break or not, if this option is selected, any next line in textarea in Article description, Full article and all textarea for xfields, the line break will add blank row or html code <br />
  • SEO URL field is not required because it will automatically generate the SEO URL from the title. You can specify as custom url or you can leave it blank, then the text will be generated from the title of the article or from the article subject.
  • Poll title: Article Poll Title
  • Poll question: Poll question, this option is to add poll or vote question to ask users to vote
  • Poll answers (one answer per line): To specify the poll or vote choices, must add answers or choices one answer/choice per line
  • Allow multiple choices: This check box is to allow multiple choice (check box) or single choice (radio button)
  • If you don't want to add any poll or vote to article, then simply leave this tab empty (Leave all fields empty to disable)
  • Symbolical code: Symbolical code is intended for unification of news group in catalogs (for example, if you give to the news group one symbolic code "a", this news group will be accessible to the URL: "http:/". It is supposed to use as much as possible only three symbols
  • SEO URL: Custom article URL, you can specify this SEO url manually or leave blank to use DLE automatically generate, Article URL use alphanumeric characters only (0-9 and A-Z - both uppercase and lower case)
  • Tag cloud: Tags and keywords, you can specify keywords and tags separated by comma for each keyword or tag
  • Removal date: This article will be automatically removed at specified time. Leave the field empty to keep the article indefinitely (never been removed)
    This option is to specify the option to remove article in specific date:
    • Remove
    • Add to queue for reviews and approvals
    • Remove the publication on main
    • Remove fixing
  • Add metatags to article

    Metatags - leave the boxes empty to add metatags automatically by script
    • Metatag title: add meta tag title for your site, if leave blank it will use article title as meta title
    • Article description (Keep it under 200 characters): you can add article description here, or you can use Generate news description below or leave blank will add automatically by script from shortstory field
    • Keywords: this option is completely different from Tag cloud above because this keyword is for article <meta> tag in header, you can use very much similar tags and keywords, you caa use Generate news keywords below or leave blank which will be automatically generated by script from short articles
    • Generate news description : generate button for "Article description"
    • Generate news keywords : generate button for "Keywords"
  • This tab is to specify usergroup to to gran access, this tab will list all usergroups you have in your website, each group will have permission to be granted manually regardless of the permissions set in "Category Manager" and "Usergroup Manager". Each usergroup will have options:
    • Read only
    • Read and comment
    • Text is hidden
    You can define which user group will have access to the full article.

    Please note, the usergroup "Administrator" or "Group = 1" will not be listed here because you can't overwritten the permission for "Administrator" or "Group = 1", because by default "Administrator" or "Group = 1" will have full permissions for all articles so you can't limit permissions.

Additional information for adding news

Attention: A full description field filed is not required, if it is empty, then the text will automatically be taken from a Short Story part.

You can upload images by using [Upload image] button, you can insert news pictures uploaded to the server or upload your own image from your local computer directly to the article. You can also upload pictures directly from another server or websites without have to browse the image path to your own computer.

Attention if you upload images to your article, and if you delete the article, the images that you have uploaded and inserted to that specific article will also be removed from your server, this feature is good to help keep server clean from junk files on your server.

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