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When you create the static page it uses the file static.tpl or any file that you assigned when you create a static page in the Admin CP. Static pages can use different kind of theme name depending on you and it will give you very wide range or extending your site content in information. In this section, the static page is using the following common tags:

static.tpl and static theme files can use the following tags

Tag Name Description
{title} Display the article title
{description} Displays Static Page Title
{static} Display the text and details for the static page
{pages} Displays the page number link navigation if it contains multiple pages
{custom} for more details please see "Basic Main tag and page displays"
[print-link] Text [/print-link] Provide the link to print page
{date} Displays the date when the page was created
{date=date format} Displays the date specified in the tag format. You can display not only the date but the whole format and its individual parts. The date format can only specified and used base on the standard format in PHP. For example the tag {date=d} - displays the day of the month of news or comment, and the tag {date=F} - displays the name of the month, and tag {date=d-m-Y H:i} - display the full date (day-month-year) and time
[static=Page Name] Text [/static] Display the text enclosed in tags, if a visitor views a static page with the specified name.
[not-static=Page Name] Text [/not-static] will display the text enclosed in tags, if the visitor view the other static page than static page with the specified name..

Also, this template can use the same template tags as RSS informer module

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